How You Can Secure Your Hotmail Account By Changing The Password

By hotmail | August 7, 2018

If you are someone who changes his passwords regularly than that is a good approach. Changing passwords regularly enables you to secure your email accounts from a potential theft. But for those who are new to Hotmail might be looking for how you can change your Hotmail password.

Email services are always a soft target for the hackers. If in case you have a doubt that your account has been hacked, you can simply change our password by navigating to your account login page. As someone who has gained access can use your account for any illegal purposes and restrict your access by changing the password.

Change Your Hotmail Account’s Password

It is suggested to change your passwords regularly at an interval of 90 days. Here is how you can change your Hotmail’s account’s password.

  • You simply need to open Windows Live Hotmail and open the Toolbar.
  • Now you have to click on Accounts from the toolbar.
  • After that now you will be able to see all your email accounts.
  • Now you can choose any Account whose password needs to be changed and just simply it.
  • After that, you will be able to see the email properties of that account.
  • At this step, you have to click the Server tab, as it is the place where your details are being stored by Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Now you have to navigate to the Mail Server part from your screen, here you can see a text field that requires your new password.
  • Enter your New Password into that text field.
  • Now finally you have to click Remember Password check box if you want the system to remember your password and click the Ok button and hit the close button to return to the screen.

Congrats! You have successfully changed the password of your Hotmail Account.

How To Take Some Additional Security Measures To Secure Your Account

You might be worried about your account being used by someone else that might have become a victim of password theft. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to secure your account.

  • A weak password is easy to be cracked by anyone and he will be able to gain access to your personal information easily that can be used for criminal activities. So you must avoid setting a weak password.
  • Always set a strong password for your Hotmail account that includes numbers, letters, symbols and punctuation. It must consist of 8 or more characters.
  • If you are looking for securing your Hotmail account just avoid using any public computer systems as there might be such software running on those systems that steal your information by capturing the keystrokes and the screenshots of websites that you have been using or signing in from that system. This information can then be sent by the software to anyone at the backend who has deployed the software.

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