How to change Language and Time zone of Hotmail

By hotmail | August 7, 2018

What if you want to urgently email something to your boss or share some documents with your client? You go to your browser and move to Hotmail. After logging in, you see some different language. That would feel like a mess but the problem you are facing is very common and straight forwardly to get solved.

The largest emailing service after Gmail, has a number of users that take advantage of the service from different parts of the world. As a result sometimes when you will login to your Hotmail account, you will find a different language. If you want to change it, then you would need to configure it manually.

At times, they are configured in a language different from the user-managed language by default. This occurs due to a variety of factors but mostly because of the configuration in the computer.

Changing the language of Hotmail is a quick and easy process. Let’s dig in.

How to change the language of your Hotmail account from a mobile device

  • The problem of experiencing different languages is common among Android and Apple users. The problem is not restricted to Hotmail, but are also experienced in other downloadable applications.
  • For changing the language of Hotmail, you are required to change the language of your mobile device.
  • For any smartphone or Tablet, you will have to select “Settings” and choose ‘’Language and Input text.’’
  • After clicking “Language”, you will see the existing language.
  • If the device is Android, you will have to choose the language and slide it to the top of the list.
  • If you’re an Apple user, you will have to choose the Configuration icon, then select “General” and then “Language & Region”.
  • Then move to “iPhone Language” and choose the language you want to configure.
  • Touch OK to save the changes. If the changes aren’t made, you can simply restart your device or install the application after uninstalling.

How to change the language of your Hotmail account from Web/PC

  • For changing the language of your Hotmail account from PC, you would need to go to the browser and move to
  • Enter your login details. Don’t forget to select the Configuration icon, located at the top. Then select “Options”.
  • The settings in your account will appear on the left.
  • Select “General” and then choose “Region and Time zone”.
  • The first choice will show the language that was defined before logging into the account.
  • After clicking on the down arrow, you will see a list of available languages.
  • Then you would ask to select the date, time zone and the Time format.
  • Simply click the down arrow where the list of languages is displayed. Then, choose, select and save the changes.

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