How To Add An Image To Your Hotmail Signature

By hotmail | August 7, 2018

Hotmail is the service that is loved by the users all over the world for sending and receiving both personal as well as professional emails online. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the user-friendly interface it provides to its users.

You must have heard that an image says more than a thousand words, you can use a combination of words and images in your Windows Hotmail signatures. While adding the signatures to your to your email one thing should be kept in mind that the signatures should be kept at the right proportion with respect to the page as they should not grow too large.

If you are using Hotmail for your business, it is necessary to add a business logo to your Hotmail signatures as that will allow you to reach out to your customers and present your brand in a more effective way. If you are unaware how you can add the logo or any image to your signatures you are at the right place. In this article, we will guide you How to add a logo or an image to your Hotmail Signature.

How To Add An Image To Your Hotmail Signature

It is very a very frustrating task to search for the right way to add an image to your signature. You can add an image to your Hotmail Signatures in just a few steps.

  • First, open your Hotmail account.
  • Navigate to Options >> More Options from the Windows Live Toolbar of your account.
  • Then you have to click the Message Font and Signature option that is available under the Writing Email option.
  • Now you need to open the image from the web page that has your desired image or you can open the image in a separate window using its URL.
  • Only the web graphics that are available on the publicly available web server can be used only for this purpose. The already downloaded image can not be used.
  • You can either use a Free Image Hosting Service if you want to use the already downloaded image from your system. Images larger than 200 x 100 pixels need to be shrunk before hosting them.
  • Next, you will have to highlight the Image using your mouse. While a keyboard shortcut can be used to do select the image (Ctrl-A).
  • Now you have to Copy the image using the Ctrl C buttons from your keyboard.
  • To insert an image into your signature, you will have to position the cursor under the Personal Signature option in the area where you want to insert it in the Windows Live Hotmail’s Signature Editor page.
  • To Paste the image press the Ctrl V buttons from your keyboard.
  • Now click the Save button that is available on your page to apply your new signature.

Congratulations! Now you will be able to add your designed images to your emails in just a few minutes.

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