Avail Windows Live Hotmail And Clean Your Inbox Automatically

By hotmail | August 7, 2018

Space has always been an issue because a person gets loads of emails every day and he or she don’t have time to manage the account on the daily basis and clean the inbox by deleting the extra emails and data. The process is very time consuming if we start deleting every single unnecessary email and it is not a job that a person wants to go through every day of his life.

That is why people look forward for an automated solution for this and thanks to the Hotmail programmers who have introduced the option of automatic cleaning of the inbox by deleting the emails from the unnecessary sources.

Facts Regarding Cleaning your Inbox Automatically

There are many facts and figures that will let you get an idea regarding the automated cleaning of your Hotmail inbox and get some free space for some new emails.

  • To avail this service a person must possess an account of Microsoft.
  • Once you have developed a Microsoft account for yourself then you have to sign in your account into any browser and open your email inbox.
  • Now first you have to open the email from the person whose emails you think are not useful or are unnecessary.
  • Once you have opened the thread then you will see an option of sweep in a taskbar at the top of your inbox you have to select that option.
  • Once you have selected the option then you will be presented with four different options:
    • Delete all messages from inbox folder.
    • Delete all messages from inbox folder and any future message.
    • Always keep the latest message and delete the rest of the emails.
    • Always delete the messages that are more than 10 days in the folder.
  • Now you can see how comprehensively Hotmail has provided its users to delete the emails from the unnecessary senders and you can any option that appeals you and that can work out for you.
  • Keep in mind that you will be selecting this option for only that account whose thread was selected and open at the time of the sweeping.
  • Once you have selected the sweep option now you don’t have to worry about the space of your email box and you can use your email account without any hiccups and without any waste of time on deleting the unnecessary emails.

From the above mentioned points one can easily get an idea about cleaning and making space in their email account automatically without losing any important mail and just by deleting the emails from the unnecessary senders and it will allow you to use your inbox freely without any problems regarding space and deleting the old emails and which was a time consuming job and through this you can conserve a lot of your time and work more efficiently.

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